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Union Hospital Cancer Services

Comprehensive cancer services at Union Hospital started progressing in 1989 with the opening of The Hux Cancer Center. Dr. Juan Correa, the first medical sub-specialist in Terre Haute, had long wanted to bring multi-specialty cancer care to the Wabash Valley. Under his and his now-retired associate Dr. Robert Cantillo's direction, Union Hospital developed an oncology unit staffed by oncology certified nurses. Under the guidance of Frank Shelton, former CEO of Union Hospital, a generous grant was secured from Vernon Hux and his family to build and equip the Radiation Oncology Unit. With the addition of radiation oncology, multi-specialty services for the treatment of cancer patients became a reality at Union Hospital.



Today the Hux Cancer Center is leading the way in the Wabash Valley toward the saving of lives through the prevention and treatment of cancer.




The Hux Cancer Center is now conveniently attached via a pedway to Union Hospital.

Union Hospital's Cancer Care brings together oncologists, surgeons, pathologists, nurses, social workers, physical therapists, physicists, pharmacists, psychologists, dieticians, chaplains, alternative medicine specialists and others to form a team to provide complete care for cancer patients in the Wabash Valley.


The main components of Union Hospital's Cancer Care are the Inpatient Oncology Unit on the third floor of Union Hospital, the Radiation Oncology facility at the Hux Cancer Center, the many infusion sites across the Wabash Valley, and the numerous support services around these entities. We work closely with the medical oncology physicians with UAP Clinic at the Hux Cancer Center and the Coleman Cancer Center physicians at the Providence Medical Group.

Union Hospital has maintained a comprehensive tumor registry since 1963. This is the longest continuously active tumor registry in the Wabash Valley. The tumor registry provides information regarding the types and outcomes of cancer in the Wabash Valley and is linked to the Indiana State Board of Health Tumor Registry.