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IMGP2646-1 001All expectant parents hope their babies will be healthy. Yet sometimes problems arise that require a newborn to be hospitalized. When this happens, the baby may be admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit (NICU) for treatment.

The NICU at Union Hospital is recognized throughout the region for its exceptional approach in providing superior and compassionate care. More importantly, it's touched the lives of thousands of families since it opened in 1968. Parents continually thank our NICU staff for the exemplary care given to their infants and also for the special attention and emotional support given to their families.

About Our NICU

Union Hospital's 15-bed, Level III NICU is the largest in a 70-mile radius and was the first NICU in the state. NICU services at Union Hospital are located in the west building inside the 8th Ave entrance. The NICU prides itself on its more personal, "soft touch" approach to care providing soothing background music and frequent infant massages performed by pediatric physical therapists. The unit also supports a visitation policy that encourages parents to be with their babies as much as possible. 

Union Hospital offers neonatology coverage by Onsite Neonatal Partners. With neonatologists, doctors who specialize in the care of premature and sick newborns, the labor and delivery room becomes a haven for infants who need special care. Fewer infants need to be transferred out, allowing babies to remain in the facility, keeping infants and parents together in a stressful time

After an infant is discharged, Union Hospital continues to care for families through a developmental follow-up clinic. Also, Union Hospital routinely hosts NICU reunion parties for its graduates. These celebrations are a testament to the powerful impact our NICU has made on families.

Around the Clock Care

IMGP2638-1 000If your baby is born premature or with other complications, he/she will need special medical attention and an advanced level of care. That is why we have an on-staff, board-certified neonatologist. Neonatologists diagnose and treat medical conditions in newborns, coordinate the medical care and management of premature and critically ill infants and provide care to newborns during a complicated delivery. They have the training and knowledge required to treat even the smallest infant.

Along with Union Hospital's neonatologist, our NICU is staffed 24 hours a day by a specially trained team of nurses, respiratory therapists and social workers.

Advanced Technology

Our NICU's state-of-the-art equipment is specially designed to care for critically ill and premature infants. Equipment ranges from more high-tech items, such as specialized infant monitors and intravenous pumps, to more traditional approaches, such as rocking chairs and taped lullabies.

Often times, premature and critically ill newborns have respiratory complications. Our NICU has the sophisticated technology available to treat these problems. A type of mechanical ventilation called high frequency jet ventilation helps babies breathe without stressing the lungs.

For mothers wanting to breast-feed their newborn, we utilize a breast milk identification system to ensure that every infant is receiving the proper breast milk. This technology also allows us to track and audit feedings to better monitor the eating habits and health of your newborn.

Some critically ill infants may need to be transferred to or from Union Hospital. In the case of this event, infants are moved in our sophisticated NICU transporter. The transporter is equipped with the full spectrum of NICU monitoring and therapeutic modalities, including a ventilator with the ability to provide oxygen during transport.