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The Midwest Center for Rural Health was established in 1992 as a division of the Family Medicine Residency with the charge of developing a model rural training program for family medicine residents aspiring to practice in rural, underserved areas. In March 2006, this Center was renamed in honor of Indiana's U.S. Senator, The Honorable Richard G. Lugar, who devoted his time and energy to addressing the healthcare needs of rural Hoosiers.

Throughout its 20 year history, the Center has been housed in a variety of locations, including Union Hospital, the Family Medicine Center, and off-campus locations. In 2003, the Lugar Center moved into the new Landsbaum Center for Health Education. Union Hospital, Indiana State University, and Indiana University School of Medicine formed a partnership to build this 30,000 square-foot educational facility, including a 150-seat lecture hall, three classrooms, clinical exam rooms, student study areas, offices, and conference rooms. Located on the vibrant and expanding Union Hospital Campus, the facility is connected by an enclosed walkway to the Union Hospital Family Medicine Residency and serves as the primary teaching location for students enrolled at the Indiana University School of Medicine - Terre Haute campus during their second, third, and fourth years of medical school.

The center was named after Morris Landsbaum, a Terre Haute developer and supporter of education and medical services who bequeathed approximately $2.7 million for construction and an endowment for continuous technology updates. A number of donors have provided additional funds for the facility and equipment. The total project cost was slightly more than $8 million. The facility was completed with full occupancy in the fall of 2003. A formal building dedication ceremony was held on September 26, 2003.