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765.832.1234 for Union Hospital Clinton

Union Health

Union Hospital's Cancer Services provide you with a network of highly skilled professionals to assure the highest quality care.

Oncology & Hematology with Union Hospital Infusion Services:

  • Vani Manyam, M.D., UAP Clinic, 812-242-3610
  • Rafael Gallardo, M.D., UAP Clinic, 812-242-3610
  • Suresh Kunapareddy, M.D., UAP Clinic, 812-242-3610
  • Sang Huh, M.D., Coleman Cancer Center, 812-234-5707
  • Melham Jabbour, M.D, Coleman Cancer Center, 812-232-1418

Union Hospital Radiation Oncology

  • Scott L. Ackley, M.D., 812-238-7504
  • Robert Haerr, M.D., 812-238-7504

Clara Fairbanks Center for Women

  • Phyllis Schmidt, M.D., Breast Imaging, 812-238-7766
  • Lucia Spears, M.D., Breast Imaging, 812-238-7766
  • Emily Burdick, M.D., Breast Imaging, 812-238-7766
  • Suzzane Hand, MD, 812-238-7766

General Surgeons

  • Rebecca Lynch, MD, Lynch Puccia and & Leuking MD’s, 812-232-1123
  • Christopher A. Lueking, M.D., Lynch Puccia & Lueking MD's, 812-232-1123
  • Mark Lynch, M.D., Lynch Puccia & Lueking MD's, 812-232-1123
  • Glenn A. Mandeville, M.D., UAP Clinic, 812-242-3110
  • Vincent Puccia, M.D., Lynch Puccia & Lueking MD's, 812-232-1123
  • Karen A. Tisinai, M.D., UAP Clinic, 812-242-3110
  • Elizabeth Schmidt, M.D., UAP Clinic, 812-242-3110

We have surgeons who specialize in Urology, OB/GYN, Nephrology, Gastrointestinal, Orthopedic, Thoracic and many other procedures.

Our team includes Physical Therapists, Psychologists, and Clergy ready to meet your needs!