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ChestPainThe Emergency Department offers emergency services 24 hours a day, seven days per week to all ages of patients who present themselves for such services, regardless of their ability to pay. The department is responsible for providing emergency care for a variety of common illnesses and injuries, including chronic problems, in addition to providing immediate treatment and initiating life-saving procedures in all types of emergency situations. We provide emergency care to approximately 55,000 patients per year, averaging approximately 150 patients per day.

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Click here for more information. All information is based on the 2006 Union Hospital PRC Consumer Perception Study. In most cases the survey is based on 8 different hospitals.

  1. In a series of questions, consumers were asked to identify the area hospital they believe is the best for each of the nine specific treatments. Union Hospital received top mention in the area of emergency care.
  2. Those consumers who reported the recent use of an emergency room were asked to specify the hospital that was used: The most common response was Union Hospital.
  3. Union Hospital treats (76.4%) of emergency cases in Vigo County. We also treat the most patients outside Vigo Co. of the hospitals listed.
  4. When patients were asked to evaluate the quality of care provided during their emergency room visit 85.5% of ER patients said "excellent", "very good", or "good".


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Important Phone Numbers

  • Union Operator (812) 238-7000
  • Emergency Dept. 238-7523
  • Billing 238-7536
  • Patient Account Services 238-7621
  • Physician Referral Line 238-7512
  • Union Radiology Associates 238-7783
  • Reimbursement Technologies Inc.
  • (Emergency Physicians) 1-800-355-2470