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Admitted patients of Union Hospital and Union Hospital Clinton can now get online access to their health records through the My Union Health Access patient portal. A link to the My Union Health Access portal can be found at myunionhospital.org.This electronic access will allow adult patients, 18 years of age and older, the ability to review their medical history after their stay at either facility.


Within 36 hours from discharge, patients new to the My Union Health Access portal, who provided an email address during their hospital stay, will receive an auto-generated email from Union Hospital’s patient portal. This email will provide step-by-step instructions to the patient on how to access their personal medical record on the portal. 

“This new portal is a benefit to our patients because it allows them to become better informed about their health by providing them more insight and access into their own care,” stated Tiffany Bennett, Director of Information Systems at Union Hospital. 

The patient portal is a part of stage two of the government’s Meaningful Use, which is a set of criteria for the use of Electronic Health Record systems to improve patient care by healthcare providers. Union must comply to this stage by offering patients online access to their health records, with 50% of admitted patients signing up for the service and 5% of those actually signing in to the portal.

This is why all adult patients will be asked for an email address upon being admitted to Union Hospital and Union Hospital Clinton. Those patients providing email addresses will be provisioned to use the patient portal. Information within a patient record on My Union Health Access may include:

Patient name

• Admit and discharge date/location

• Reason for hospitalization

• Care team

• Procedures performed during admission

• Current and past problem list

• Current medication list and medication history

• Current medication allergy list and medication allergy history

• Vital signs at discharge

• Lab tests

• Summary of care record 

• Care plan

• Discharge instructions

• Demographics (sex, race, ethnicity, date of birth, preferred language)

• Smoking status

During the months of July, August and September, both Union Hospital and Union Hospital Clinton will randomly draw one patient’s name, who has logged in to the My Union Health Access portal, to win a Kindle Fire HD. Any patient admitted on or after July 1, 2014 who provided their email address to the hospital and logged in to the My Union Health Access portal will be entered into the drawing. One winner at each hospital will be drawn for each of these three months.